Our Products

Raw Cow Milk

The fresh Cow Milk from Maheshwari Farms - Raw Milk is chilled to 4 degrees and is packed in glass bottles. Maheshwari Farms recommends that Raw milk should be boiled before use and is best for making cream, ghee, butter, chenna, paneer and can be had for drinking, tea/coffee or added to cereals after boiling.

Pasteurised Cow Milk

For the pasteurisation process, the good milk is from Maheshwari Farms is heated to 73 degrees Celsius and instantly cooled to 4 degrees Celsius. This process kills the harmful bacteria in the milk and makes the milk safe to consume without boiling, when the milk reaches customers' home, since the goodness of the milk is well preserved in the company owned cold chain.

Pasteurised and HOMOGENISED

Homogenisation process is a mechanical process that breaks the fat in the milk and mixes the fat with the milk liquid at a molecular level. Maheshwari Farms' Pasteurised and Homogenised milk need not be boiled except for making Dahi and other milk products like Kheer etc. Maheshwari Farms' Pasteurised and Homogenised milk is recommended for thicker tea/coffee and dahi but can be used for drinking and adding to cereals. Cream cannot be extracted from the milk as the fat contained in the milk is mixed in the milk liquid.


The milk fat is extracted from the Cow milk from Maheshwari Farms to retain only 0.5% of the fat. The fresh Skimmed milk from Maheshwari Farms can be used for making tea/coffee, drinking or adding to cereals. Since the fat has been extracted from the milk the milk appears to be lighter. Skimmed milk is not to be confused with Toned/ Double toned milk.