About Us

Company Background

Maheswari Farms an upcoming new star on the horizon of Indian Dairy Farming has a rich heritage in breeding and supplying cows of high productivity and pedigree. Spread in an area of six acres the Maheshwari Farms is equipped with the latest technologies of dairy farming.

The farm is situated in a picturesque little village near Barelli. It was the foresight and a burning ambition of Arpan Maheswari to succeed in Dairy Industry and so, he established the Maheswari Dairy Farm, starting on a small scale, drawing milk manually, pasteurizing it mechanically and supplying it locally. At present, the farm has nearly 150 cows and the score is increasing with every passing day.

Today, Maheswari Farms is the name to reckon with in the dairy sector. Systematic Organization, Methodical Planning, Minimal Manpower, Maximum Yield and Forecasting have been the key words here. All these key factors help us to take pride in introducing ourselves as one of India's leading dairy farm, equipped with latest technologies. We are continuously striving for synergy between technology, system, and human recourse to provide product and service that meet the quality and performance.

Known for our adherence to strict quality norms, we are on the edge for further growth in our core competency areas - dairy products. We are in the process of massive production and marketing of value added dairy food products.

At Maheshwari Farms, unmatched quality is accomplished by state-of-the-art procedure in the most hygienic conditions with a profound understanding in every stage of processing.

The wholesomeness and nutritional value of our products are of supreme importance and are emphasized in our Quality Policy, i.e., to be in complete compliance with National and State Health Department Food Standards.

Our Vision

To be the best, not necessarily the biggest dairy farm in Northern India by way of using latest technology and state of the art excellence.

  • Consumers are our reason for being
  • Innovation drives our growth
  • Our people make us different
  • Teamwork gives us our competitive edge
  • Sustainable results reinforce everything we do
  • Integrity is at the heart of the way we do business
Our Mission

To produce high quality standard milk from pedigreed and healthy cows and to improve continually our farm management to burgeon as leader in Dairy Farming.
Arpan Maheshwari
Arpan Maheshwari
Daran Malpani
Darpan Malpani